Quality without speculation

For us, wine is not a product of speculation. "What makes the value of a wine is not its price, it is the pleasure and the emotion it provides" Vincent FABRE. We are winegrowers and create all our cuvées with a concern for quality, at the right price to respect all wine lovers.

Free and non-trading

Since 1964, we have been cultivating, vinifying, maturing and offering our wines directly, in a short circuit (excluding trade). The traceability of our wines, the control of our prices and the selection of a network of selected partners and distributors are the three pillars of our commitment to our customers.

Family culture

Nous respectons et préservons notre vignoble historique pour le transmettre à nos enfants. HVE3 (Haute Valeur Environnementale), respect et conservation des abeilles, parcelles en itinéraire Agro Nature, partenariat avec le Conservatoire des races d’Aquitaine - troupeau de moutons landais sur notre domaine)...


A range of quality wines for all tastes, including those of our family because wine should be shared by all and on all occasions. We cherish this freedom to create what we like, sometimes outside the stereotypes, and the pleasure of sharing live with amateurs.